Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Blood Buddy

I have a very dear friend named Joel. He and I started this tradition of giving blood together. We meet at the blood bank on Saturday, give blood and go to lunch.

The person who gives blood the slowest has to buy lunch. This is always a very heated competition and we always make our nurses aware of this very important competition.

Well lately I have had trouble with my iron being high enough. Your iron has to be 12.5. In October I tried to give blood, but my iron was only 10.3 :-0 Then I tried to give in November and it was only 10.8 :-(

The blood bank told me to increase my iron, eat Cream of Wheat, which I think is super disgusting, for 2 or 3 days before giving. Well all last week I ate Cream of Wheat every morning for breakfast, I meet Joel at the blood bank, sign in, have my iron tested and... 12.3, aargh! Off by .2, what a bummer!

Well Joel recruited one of his friends to come down and give blood, he was a first time donar, the big yellow patch on his jacket says "First Time Donar" and I told him he was my stand in and he better not let me down!

Being the prankster Joely is, he stuck that big yellow sticker on Mikes back and didn't tell him. Mike left not knowing the sticker was on his back. Joely you are soo bad!

Joel gives first, his time is 7 minutes... Not bad.

My stand in gives next, his time is.... 4 minutes!

Yeah we kicked Joely's butt! Whoo Hoo!

After you give blood, you get to go sit in the snack area. I think this is really the motivating factor for me and Joel to give blood. You just have to eat sugar. Ho Ho's, Ding Dongs, our personal fave, chocolate covered twinkies! We cannot find chocolate covered twinkies anywhere but the blood center. Have any of you seen chocolate covered twinkies in the stores?

After we left the blood center, we had lunch at Popolo's, it was soo good. Thanks for lunch Joely!

Well needless to say, we have a fun time giving blood and we encourage everyone to give the gift of life. It's soo fun giving with friends!

Wishing you all a great week, month, year.

Until next time.



G-Ma said...

What a great idea to make a competition out of giving blood - I did not know they kept time.

G-Ma said...

Haha, did not know giving blood was a competition between the two of you!!! What a great idea.

sheree said...


sheree said...

this comment thing is being wonky.

I want to give blood but I am a wimp. I would probably pass out :p