Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Color I’m Lovin…

 This beautiful green… Not sure if it’s lime, citron, chartreuse.  It’s probably not a new color, but for some reason it has popped up on radar this year.  Got these pretty ornaments @ Wal-Mart.  5 for $2.00.  Not too shabby.


Since my tree already has a lot of red in it, I’ll be using this color scheme to add my new fave color…


But I’m really loving this color combination


I just love the pink and green.  Hmm maybe I’ll have to do a small tree in these colors. 

What’s your new favorite Christmas color or color combination?

Off to do more decorating. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great weekend.


Aunt Nutty


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I do love that color combination -- I also love that green with a raspberry color -- so yummy you can "taste" it with your eyes!

sheree said...

that green is super pretty!! One day, I want to have multiple trees with their own themes!

Aunt Nutty said...

Great idea Sheree. You could do a pink princess tree for Gabby.

G-Ma said...

Target has some small artificial trees that are inexpensive!!- Can we say table scape!! Maybe this weekend at Sheree's - I might pick one up!!