Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gettin my craft on

I am not a crafty person.  I really want to be, so every once in awhile I try to do a project. 

I saw these really cute recipe card/photo holders @ Shanty2Chic and just had to try them.  So off to Lowe’s I go.  I must have really looked lost and out of my element because every 2 minutes some nice man in a red Lowe’s vest asked if he could help me. 

I found the square dowels and had them cut by a really nice man @ Lowes.  I looked for the roof flashing but the only roll I saw was about $30 and I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out so I thought I would need to come up with something a little cheaper.  I couldn’t find the craft circles, so I used a molding rosette and a fence post topper, if that is what it is called??? Found the finials and then off to the Dollar Store.  I forgot to get a piece of 1 x 8 x 4 wood, so grabbed a couple of picture frames at the Dollar Store.  Now what to use so magnets would attach and hold either the recipe card or photo???  Aha a cookie sheet.  I’ll just cut it up the size of the photo for the frame.  Not really as easy at it sounds, a little blood was shed from being stuck by a piece of the cookie sheet, but oh well. 

Then I had another thought, wouldn’t this be cool if it was a chalk board as well as a magnet board, so I spray painted the cookie sheet piece with chalk board paint.  Love that stuff.  I couldn’t find those cute Fleur-de-lis wood pieces the Shanty girls used, so I glued some magnets on the back of some pretty green stones.

Put everything together per the instructions from the Shanty girls and VIOLA…

Shanty Thanks to the Shanty Girls for your inspiration.  Be sure to stop by their blog to see lots of really cute projects.  Those sisters are really talented.

Have a good one!

Aunt Nutty


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

This turned out wonderfully!

G-Ma said...

Very cute - you are turning into such a Martha!!

Aunt Nutty said...

Sister, I know I'm get so crafty. WTF?